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Double the Fun: Knit Two Socks at Once

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Karen Clements the brilliant designer behind Knit 1 LA is up to something interesting on her blog. She has a tutorial going on with step-by-step instructions, along with photos and videos, on how to knit two socks at one time. She doesn’t use the same method that Melissa Morgan-Oakes does in her book 2-at-a-time Socks (i.e. a long circular needle). Karen knits one inside the other with traditional DPNs. I know. Pretty darn clever. Like anything in knitting, it takes a bit of practice, but this handy method can have some serious benefits in  terms of speeding up the process. Just imagine how much easier the holiday gift rush can be!

Knit Sock-o-Rama

Friday, February 26th, 2010

I’m still into sock knitting, although I confess to having a half knit pair on my needles that has not been attended to in months. I am justifying this by remembering that sock knitting is an excellent warm weather project, and now is the time for sweater knitting while it’s still cold. There have been some great FREE sock patterns released lately. Take a look: the FaFaFa Socks by Lois of Get It Knited, Knit For Victory’s Raspberry Ripple Bed Socks, and one of my faves the mitered Peppermintoes (left) designed by Melody Johnson of Fibermania. Knitting Daily gives us a booklet of 7 sock patterns! Other cute footies include the nostalgic PomPom Slippers by Vanessa of Do You Mind If I Knit. And to make any of these last longer, consider using Jawoll sock reinforcing thread by Lang.

A Christmas FO

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

socksforvictoriaThis past Summer I learned to knit socks and promptly taught several of my friends. I’m not saying it took completely. There are several socks waiting to have their mates knit. Then again, some of my pals are making their second or third pair of socks. It’s a handy skill, sock knitting. Plus they are a cool gift. People like handknit socks, especially other knitters. That’s why Vicky was at the top of my list to get this nutty pair of turquoise striped Cascade Fixation crew socks. She loves them. It’s so great to give someone a gift they didn’t expect, and that they truly like.

Handknit Sock Museum

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

mustaavilla-cycling-or-golf-stockingsOne of the things happening at the Sock Summit is a Sock Museum. The organizers of the event decided to create an exhibit of important and historically accurate socks through the ages. They’ve created the start of a Sock Museum Timeline online as well. This will examine developments and designers of the modern sock.  View it here. Sock knitters and knitting groups are being sought to knit samples of these various socks for the project. If you are interested just send them a note. A few of the historic socks you can knit up yourself: these 18th Century Stockings, the Newfoundland Thrummed Socks (circa 1800), World War I Hospital Socks (1917) and the Men’s Heavy Socks (1946). Nancy Bush has written a book, Knitting Vintage Socks, that is full of great old sock patterns. Those are her Cycling or Golf Stockings With Fancy Cuff (circa 1897) knitted beautifully by Ravelry member, mustaavillaa (above). Proving that everything old is new again.(Mustaavillaa has no website so I can’t link her, but checkout her projects if you are a Rav member. Amazing knitter!)

Free Sock Knitting Patterns

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

hopsox-phopIn honor of the Sock Summit, which I still can’t read about on Twitter (ARGH!), here’s a round up of some great FREE sock patterns. There’s the little lacy Harpa Socks by Organic Stills, and Loumm’s Raspberry Ripple, and Nordic Light Socks designed by Janel Laidman who wrote, The Enchanted Sole. Dreams In Fiber has a whole series of Harry Potter-inspired socks, like: Patchwork Weasley Socks, Snape’s Stockings and Hermione’s Everyday Socks. Check out these nutty striped Toe Socks from Patons. Joy Edwards has donated her gorgeous Hopox (left) to Pennies Per Hour of Pleasure, a knitting project website that raises funds for Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders). You can download the pattern for FREE, then come back and make a donation.

Following The Sock Summit

Friday, August 7th, 2009

knitmoregirlsandjudybecker-knotionsGreat, just as one of the biggest knitting events of the year gets underway, Twitter has a big problem. Apparently, it was under attack. While we are waiting for them to sort it out, at least you can check out the reports from some bloggers. MicheleLB at PDXKnitterati is there. Portland LYS, Twisted, is blogging the event too. The Knitmore Girls, Jasmin and Gigi, are blogging for Knotions.  That is them (left) with Judy Becker, inventor of Judy’s Magic Cast-on. Which I haven’t tried that yet, but it is apparently great for toe-up socks. By the way, The Oregonian is covering the Sock Summit with their K2TOG column. Portland seems very excited to be hosting the Sock Summit. Not only is their newspaper covering it, their mayor, Sam Adams, has declared it Sock Knitting Week. That must be one more of the reasons why some of my friends are leaving in Los Angeles and moving to Portland: that city loves knitters!

Knitting Up A Storm

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

knittingupastormWho is this person? It’s Anna Peck and she is Knitting Up A Storm (KUAS). She’s a young designer with a growing collection of interesting patterns, a bunch of which are FREE on her blog. Her KUAS Designs include some nice socks: Joe’s Office Socks, “Simply Ginny” Sock, and Carnival Socks. You can buy her Coiled Cables & Ribs Socks and the adorable Candied Love Socks for $5.00. I think her Rose Shrug is one of the cutest little boob defining sweaters ever. Plus the Knitting Up A Storm tutorials are very good. The one on creating the Afterthought Heel, is especially helpful. You can find Anna on Ravelry as KnittyKnitter.

Knit Some Fancy Feet

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

easyknits-climbercablesocksI wore myself out yesterday, teaching kids to knit at the East LA Boys & Girls Club and then hosting a little dinner party. So, today, exhausted, all I’m gonna say is take a look at these amazing FREE socks patterns. I marvel at these designer’s creativity: Corn Row Socks by Mr Poopers Day Out, Skyline Chilly’s Air Raid Socks, Cloud Nine by Debbie Orr, Climber Cable Socks from EASYKnits (left), and Bamboo designed by Baa Baa Blacksheep. So many lovely choices, where to begin, right?






These Climber Cable Socks (left) use the Magic Toe Up Cast On which creates an invisible seam. Go to Knitty and read how-to

Knitting Socks Together 3

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

basicfixationsocks1Sock-cess! It was sock knitting graduation night yesterday evening. The moment of truth came as each knitter finished up her Kitchener Stitch toe grafting. Big smiles all around as each person tried them on and found out they had made something that actually fits. These are all damn cute socks. We liked the yarn, the feeling of satisfaction, and most of all, the company. Looks like more socks are in our future. Especially mine, since I got a gift certificate in appreciation.


Learn the toe grafting voodoo from (Scroll down, the video is under “Finishing” and called “Seaming Kitchener Stitch”)

Knitting Socks Together 2

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

knitwitch-turnsheel2Last night my little band of sock knitters learned to turn the heel. It’s a bit of tricky maneuver, especially the first time you ever do it. Watching my pals, I realized that sock knitting reveals a lot about how a person approaches life. Do you jump right into new things or are are you cautious? Do you meticulously follow instructions or just joyously wing it? Will you go forward with an idea that seems totally ridiculous at the time, but makes perfect sense later? If you screw up, do you go back and carefully fix your mistake or just live with it and adapt? Are you end-results driven or just into the process of getting there? My, my, my, we were all of the above!

Don’t know how to turn a heel? It’s not so hard. Watch this video from the Knit Witch (above).