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Always Surprising Knitty

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Did you catch the two new patterns up on Knitty?  Fluidity is a lace tank designed by Jennie Pakula (that’s a detail of the garment, left). The second “Surprise” is Susanna IC’s beauty of a shawl which is called Annis. I’ve finished my Cropped Cardi and really like it. Now I’ve started another Knitty sweater that caught my eye a while back— Amelia designed by Laura Chau. She’s a very talented designer who also blogs at Cosmicpluto Knits.

Cropped Cardi: Another Look

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

I am coming down the home stretch on my Cropped Cardigan, a design by Stefanie Japel that is  available FREE on Knitty. The sweater, in Cascade Indulgence, is super soft and fits nicely through the shoulders and sleeves, but the neckline is way way too deep and rolling-edged to be flattering on me. I need adjustments. Luckily, I found Melanie (momalmighty on Rav), who had the same issues and solved the problem beautifully. That is her cardi, above. She knitted a stockinette and picot edging, very much like the hem treatment, to create a lovely and flattering variation. Notice how she also abandoned the leaf ties in favor of a button, and used KnitPicks Shine Worsted (a cotton blend). Beauty. Thanks Melanie for the inspiration! By the way, enjoy her adventures in motherhood on her blog, Mom Almighty. Love the way she charts her daily mood.

A Crochet Sun Hat

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

My friend Sidney seems to be getting her craft on these days. Last weekend she asked for info on a crochet sun hat. She was thinking raffia, but most patterns seem to specify cotton. Here are some FREE hat patterns that looked good to me: the Fast & Easy Summer Hat by PippaW on Cloudy Crochet, this one and this one from Drops, Craftination’s Crossed Bucket Hat, and the adorably wacky Crochet Can Hat designed by Jacqueline van Dillen for Knit.1 magazine (left). The addition of cans just says, “Summer,” don’t you think?

Knitted Rugs

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

In the last few weeks I’ve seen a bunch of new knitted rug patterns. I wonder about the practicality of these things, especially in a household like mine with dogs, but they certainly are attractive. I do love the idea of making just the right size to fit a particular space in a room because standard doesn’t always cut it, right? There is the nutty Knit Grass Rug (left) from Lion Brand and the lacy Rag Doily Rug designed by Julie Weisenberger of CocoKnits. Plus, if you missed it on the weekend, check out this New York Times story on artist/fashion designer Dana Barnes, who makes fantastic super thick felted rugs from roving. Wonderful slide show. Wow. If you want more info on knitted rugmaking, go to BellaOnline and browse articles by Christine Dux. You’ll find both inspiration and technique tips.

The Crochet Dude's New Tool

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Yes. Drew Emborsky, the Crochet Dude, has an all new branded line of crochet tools and accessories for Boye. They are testing the products out in select Michaels, including one here in Los Angeles. I stumbled upon the news while reading Laurie Perry’s great blog, Crazy Aunt Purl. Apparently she and Emborsky are pals. Perry went on a re-con mission to check out his stuff, and blogs about it here (that’s one of her photos, above). Check out Emborsky’s blog, and his site, The Crochet Dude, which has some good patterns, but not his tools.

Knitting With Bamboo

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Have you knit with bamboo yet? I have some, enough for a sweater, but I haven’t figured out  exactly which one to make yet. After buying it, I came to understand that bamboo yarn is beautiful but super stretchy when knit up, and you need to really factor that in to your choice of pattern. The new issue of Caron Connections features an interesting Summer top by Santa Monica-based Melissa Matthay. The Aspira One-Button Tunic (left) is light, textural, and designed to be made with Spa, Caron’s bamboo-acrylic blend. The pattern page also has an audio fashion show describing the garment that is worth a listen. It highlights the novel construction of the garment. Note that at the top left corner of the Aspira page you can sign up for the Caron newsletter yourself or go here. Also, see Matthay’s Exclusive Collection designs on her website. They are all commissioned custom-knit garments.

Stash Busting Month

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

OK, so I’m late with this one: apparently April was “Stash Busting Month” according to Crafting A Green World blog, who say that $4.2 billion gets spent on art supplies annually (the source of this statistic is broken). They had a contest, but sorry, it’s over. See the post for info. Anyways, I have been busy using yarn that I already own lately. Maybe you have too. It’s the damn economy, right? That plus having accumulated way too much stuff and not wanting to store it all. Since I knit so many bad sweaters in the past, I actually could probably just keep unraveling and using the same yarn for the next year or so until I get it right. For those of you who also want to bust your stash, here’s some fun little projects: the Anthropologie Capelet in DK from Ms. Cleaver Chronicles, or Purl Bee’s Fishnet Anklets or the Garter Triangle Scarf by PresentsKnits (above).

Another Crafty Blogging Mom

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Here’s another mom sharing her love of craft through her blog: A Mingled Yarn. Elizabeth Klett is an English professor in Houston, Texas who chronicles her adventures in knitting, sewing, reading, recording books, and of course, motherhood. She is a  good designer too. Love her Rosalind cardi and Perdita cuff. Her Titania (left) takes my breath away— such unabashed feminine charm. Lovely. Some sewing patterns for you moms: a Quilted Crib Rail and the Hip Mama Diaper Bag. Check out Klett’s FREE audiobooks at LibriVox. You can hear all sorts of classics read while knitting!

Happy Mothers Day to all. I’ll leave you with Betty White’s performance on SNL last night. Catch more on hulu.

Knitter's Charity: Halos of Hope

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

The wonderful Vicki Stiefel, of KnittingNews, tweeted my post about chemo caps the other day and it lead me to finding Halos of Hope via amgoth2000’s tweet (we are all so connected!). Halos of Hope is a non-profit organization, started by Pamela Haschke, that provides cancer patients with handcrafted hats created with love and good wishes by volunteers. Maybe you’d like to help? Donation information and cap guidelines here. It looks like soft seamless cotton hats are preferred. How about comforting a sick child with one of these toppers: Lacy Girly Fancy Hat by Alexandra Walters, Polka-Dot Alien Hat from Polar Knits (scroll down), the Kool Hat from Yarngear, Beadwhore’s Hello Kitty Hat, Gail Bable’s Daffodil Hat or maybe this Froggy Hat. Lion Brand’s Cotton Ease might be a nice yarn choice for one of these hats. Or maybe you can do some stash-busting?

Knitting Chemo Caps

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

In a perfect world none of us would ever need to knit a loved one a chemo cap. I’ve been on the planet long enough to understand that this life is short, and you never know what hand you’ll be dealt, so better enjoy yourself. An old friend of mine is up for round 2 in the battle with the “Big C.” Here’s some of the hat’s I’m considering knitting for her: Pomatomus Hat on Create And Explore after Cookie A’s socks; Marnie MacLean’s Pismo Hat; What If Knit’s Point Lobos Hat; Kody May’s Eyelet Lace Elegance Hat; the CCCC from Yarn Ball Boogie; Everything Is Hunky-Dory on KnitMeASong; or Whitney Van Nes’ Simple Pleasures Hat (above). Of course, there are many many more excellent choices. I’m thinking Filatura DiCrosa Superior, a cashmere/silk blend. So soft.