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Free Knitting Patterns I Downloaded

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

There are so many generous designers, not to mention yarn companies, that post free knitting patterns. My favorite free pattern aggregator is Knitting Pattern Central. I also subscribe to a variety of yarn company and knitting magazine newsletters that also share patterns. Here are the patterns that I downloaded this week:

Gingko Shoulderette Shawl at Fragrant Heart Creations. A delicate triangular shawl with just a touch of leafy lace at the edges.

Lowell Cowl designed by Antonia Shankland for Classic Elite Yarns. A big mobius cowl that looks like an awesome stash buster. (Surely its not CYE’s wish for us to use our stash!)

Astra – Lace Collared Cardigan from Patons Yarns. I don’t like the construction or ruffle, but I am interested in making  a long lean cardi, so I want to check it out.

Pressed Flower Mitts by Meredith Ramirez at A Knitting Blog. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Lacy Ruffle Cardigan from Rowan (photo above). I want a Kid Silk Haze sweater. I ‘m not sure I want this one, tho. Does the model look odd to you? Something’s off there, no?

Back To Knitting Mr. Greenjeans

Monday, February 15th, 2010

After so many months of writing and writing, I have spend the majority of this weekend knitting. How fantastic! I’ve gone back to my purple Mr. Greenjeans cardigan (above), a classic Knitty pattern from 2007. It’s a truly delightful pattern to knit. Hats off to designer Amy Swenson. I had started this sweater at the end of last Winter, but set it aside because the weather turned too warm, and started making this cotton cardigan, which ended up a depressing fit disaster. The purple yarn I’m using is a batch of Patons Classic Wool, a gift from my Mom.

More Intarsia

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

flowerpowerafghan-lionbrandIt’s true, I’ve got Intarsia on the brain. Well, actually, Intarsia, Fair Isle, stranded and all kinds of multi-color knitting. Maggie’s Rags explains the difference between these techniques. Tutorials and more info here at Gomestic. Hello Yarn has a variety of  FREE colorwork knitting patterns, like the Squirrel and Oak Mittens and the We Call Them Pirates hat. Love the Jolly Roger Knitting Bag too. Go here to see them all. Check out some of these interesting patterns from the big yarn companies: Flower Power Afghan (left), the Hearts & Flowers Throw, and this classic little handbag called the Graphic Elements Tote.

Knitting Tweed

Friday, September 25th, 2009

tahki-donegaltweedSorry to abandon you yesterday, duty called in a big way. I’m back, and I think I’ve gotten the memo from the yarn companies that tweed is the “it” yarn of Fall 2009. KnitPicks has been running ads for their City Tweed, which comes in a DK and Heavy Worsted weight. (By the way, their current catalog is filled with great gift ideas.) The Patternworks catalog was also full of tweedy options: Tahki Yarns’ Donegal Tweed, Berroco’s Blackstone Tweed(above), Reynolds’ Andean Tweed, Highlander from Alpaca With A Twist, and Patternworks’ own Rocky (sorry, can’t link to Patternworks!). Rowan’s Felted Tweed is pretty and Paton’s Chunky Tweed is cheap. Maybe you want to knit up something tweed-ish? Nancy  J. Thomas has a book, Tweed, devoted to rustic and lovely tweed patterns.

Free Knitting Patterns

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

patons-colorfulpoloneckI hate to look a gift horse in the mouth, I really do. No doubt I’m going to sound ungrateful today. I appreciate the FREE patterns yarn companies provide. I do. However, it seems like Patons has dredged the archives to pad out their pattern offerings online. Maybe someone somewhere around the world might want to knit the Colorful Polo Neck (left), the Fair Isle Border Cardigan, the Textures & Flowers turtleneck, and the amazing Argyle & Plaid Jacket. Really? I know we’re having an 80’s revival, but man, that stuff is FUG. It’s just not quite vintage enough to be cool yet. I’m not sure it ever was or will be. Over at Lion Brand, I notice that they’ve taken a number of old patterns, like this Classic Pullover, and specified them in some of the newer LB yarns. Tip: do not knit this baby sweater, it is truly an ugly mess. I know. I made it once. Good grief that looked stupid on the kid. Of course, my poor friend felt obligated to put her child in it since it was my gift. Awful.

New Yarns At Michaels

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

patons-stretchIf you are American and do any sort of craft you end up at Michaels at some point. Always an annoying store, it’s even worse now that it is grossly understaffed. We’re not even going to discuss the staff’s bad attitude and lack of product knowledge, because clearly you get what you pay for and Michaels doesn’t ante up. The only bright light has been the promise (for months) of an all new yarn department. Here in LA, they are restocking the shelves slowly, but in no way is it the shiny new yarn store of your dreams. Sure, they’ve added more colorways of the Vanna’s Choice, and LB Fisherman’s Wool, and the new Red Heart Eco-Ways products with the especially promising Bamboo Wool blend. It still is really much the same. The only thing that got me excited was the Patons Stretch sock yarn (left) that is very much like Cascade Fixation with a little wool thrown in. The color palette is pretty pastel, but overall, very nice. Why oh why, doesn’t Michaels stock the really cool new LB Collection Silk Mohair or that crazy wired wool? Because they’re Michaels.

Cast On: Knitting Mr. Greenjeans

Monday, March 16th, 2009

mrgreenjeansswatchBecause I started knitting in 2006, my skill levels are just beginning to get  to where I can knit the intermediate level things I find in the knitting magazines. I’ve noticed that knitters like to jump on the season’s latest patterns immediately. Ravelery gets really fun and there are great knit alongs (KALS) if you are working on current patterns. Me? I’m knitting the oldies but goodies, like Mr. Greenjeans designed by Amy Swenson and published in the Fall 2007 Knitty. It’s a top down cardigan that I’m making in purple Patons Classic Wool Merino my Mom gave me as a gift.