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Noro Lovers Can Help Japan

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Knitting Noro by Jane Ellison (paperback book cover)

KFI (Knitting Fever Inc.), the American distributor of the gorgeous Japanese hand-dyed yarns, Noro, has set up a matching funds contribution offer to aid disaster victims. Sion Elalouf, founder of KFI, posted to Ravelry today that their company and affiliates would match dollar for dollar made to The American Red Cross (up to $50,000). Checks should be made out to The American Red Cross and earmarked for the Japanese earthquake relief fund, then mailed to KFI: 315 Bayview Avenue, Amityville, NY 11701. All contributions will be made in the name of the knitting community. By the way, yarn manufacturer Noro is located in the central/south of Japan, far from the northeastern area devastated by the tsunami.

Bad Luna Crochet

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

bellalunashawl-lionbrandyarnco1Since I’m on a ruffle rant again, let me throw this one into the fire also: the Bella Luna Shawl (left) designed by Nicky Epstein that appears in the Winter/Spring Lion Brand catalog. When Epstein goes wrong, it is never ever boring. I can see why LB published the pattern, the materials list likely reads: “buy out the entire bin of Vanna’s Choice #099 Linen at your local Joann or Michaels…” The problem here is that this shawl just overwhelms the body—no matter what your figure type. By the way, the catalog does feature the new LB yarn called Amazing (scroll down). Being a Noro lover, I’m wondering about this LB product because it has a similar look, but is a wool/acrylic blend and significantly cheaper. Want more ranting about weird crochet ruffles? Go here.

Newest Knitting Books

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

awareknitsThere are so many great knitting books. Since I started knitting after the big surge in popularity, I have tons of catching up to do. Even the old books are new to me. However, many knitters want the latest and greatest. Deb Boyken’s KnittingScholar site has a list of upcoming books to be published this year. Amazon’s lists includes cover shots here  and here. There’s a “greatest hits” book from Rowan and ones from Nicky Epstein, Kristin Nicholas, and Erika Knight.  I’m looking forward to Vicky Howell’s AwareKnits (left) and  Noro: Meet The Man Behind The Legendary Yarn.


Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

langdon-ladyeleanorWant to try something different in your knitting? Entrelac (from the French for “interlace”) is a style of knitting that produces a textured squares or diamond pattern that actually appears to be woven from knitted strips. It’s a great way to use those variegated self-striping yarns, like Patton’s SWS or Noro, to form a color field of small segments rather than stripes. One of the loveliest entrelac patterns is the Lady Eleanor Shawl designed by Kathleen Power Johnson. See Fig & Plum’s and Warm Fuzzies’ versions. Clearly Langdon’s little dog Ollie (above) loves entrelac. Some great FREE entrelac projects: Caron’s Santiago Wrap, KnitterNutter’s Entrelac Cap and Jesse Loesberg’s Danica. I love bloemenjansje’s laptop sleeve. Knitting Daily has a great tutorial here.