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Memphis Knit Mafia

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

memphisknitmafia-polecozy1I stand corrected on a couple of AIGA Make/Think Conference related items. First, as it turns out, there is a Memphis Knit Mafia (the MKM). They are alive and well, as you can see from their Facebook page. The group is situated in Midtown Memphis, which is apparently the nexus of the burgeoning art scene. The MKM is even into yarnbombing (that’s their “pole cozy,” left). Secondly, my knitting circle here in Los Angeles tells me I was wrong about Daniel Eatock, one of the conference speakers. They tell me he’s a provocative thinker, and has inspired a big following of cool people. Personally, I thought I was listening to one of those “Emperor’s New Clothes” kinda talks we sometimes have at design conferences. OK, there you go, now I’ve been schooled.