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Cozy Crochet Bike

Monday, June 7th, 2010

While I’m being a lazy blogger, I may as well go with the vehicle theme again today. This time, it’s a photo by Zontee from the Lion Brand Blog— a Crochet Bicycle found on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. That is crazy. Here’s a little knitted bike on Instructables. Yes, bike love, indeed.

Weird Yarn: Steel Wool

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

No, it’s not the latest thing available at your LYS.  Steel wool is the sculptural media used by artist Krysta Olson in her thought-provoking piece, The Steel Wool Sweater (left). Olson works in a variety of media to investigate her attraction to vulnerability, intimacy and sadness. Her works plays with a kind of awkward tension. View her videos, photo projects, and painting. If you’d like to knit with steel, I’d suggest something from Habu Textiles or LB Collection Wool Stainless. A bit more user friendly, and infinitely more wearable.

Knitted Rugs

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

In the last few weeks I’ve seen a bunch of new knitted rug patterns. I wonder about the practicality of these things, especially in a household like mine with dogs, but they certainly are attractive. I do love the idea of making just the right size to fit a particular space in a room because standard doesn’t always cut it, right? There is the nutty Knit Grass Rug (left) from Lion Brand and the lacy Rag Doily Rug designed by Julie Weisenberger of CocoKnits. Plus, if you missed it on the weekend, check out this New York Times story on artist/fashion designer Dana Barnes, who makes fantastic super thick felted rugs from roving. Wonderful slide show. Wow. If you want more info on knitted rugmaking, go to BellaOnline and browse articles by Christine Dux. You’ll find both inspiration and technique tips.

Knitter's Charity: Halos of Hope

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

The wonderful Vicki Stiefel, of KnittingNews, tweeted my post about chemo caps the other day and it lead me to finding Halos of Hope via amgoth2000’s tweet (we are all so connected!). Halos of Hope is a non-profit organization, started by Pamela Haschke, that provides cancer patients with handcrafted hats created with love and good wishes by volunteers. Maybe you’d like to help? Donation information and cap guidelines here. It looks like soft seamless cotton hats are preferred. How about comforting a sick child with one of these toppers: Lacy Girly Fancy Hat by Alexandra Walters, Polka-Dot Alien Hat from Polar Knits (scroll down), the Kool Hat from Yarngear, Beadwhore’s Hello Kitty Hat, Gail Bable’s Daffodil Hat or maybe this Froggy Hat. Lion Brand’s Cotton Ease might be a nice yarn choice for one of these hats. Or maybe you can do some stash-busting?

Knitting Easter

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Happy Easter everyone. Hope you are having a sunny day filled with chocolate treats. No Easter brunches or dyed eggs for me this year. I’ve had a cold for a few days, so it’s sinus rinses and antihistamines for me. Even so, I love the silly seasonal knits, like LB’s Bouncy Bunny and Coffee & Cream’s catnip ones; the knit versions of Peeps (those marshmallow blobs) and of course, the Easter eggs, like Knitvana’s. The very talented Whitney Van Nes at Purl Bee offers both Fuzzy Chicks and Mini Eggs (that’s a close up, above) made from delicious Koigu (KPM).

Britney's Knit Scarf

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

OK, what is this that Britney Spears has all wrapped around herself? That is one very long snood or mobius. I don’t believe I’ve seen anyone wearing their scarf quite like this. Spears lives in my section of Los Angeles, which is called Studio City. My neighborhood is full of television stars and the craftspeople who service the entertainment industry—sound designers, production designers, writers, etc. Sometimes I run into celebrities, like Balthazar Getty, Ryan Gosling, and William Shatner. I see the not gay Jon Cryer pushing a baby stroller with his wife. A while back, Robert Blake’s wife was shot 3 doors down from our house. Still, I haven’t yet seen Britney. Maybe you’d like to see a long long scarf? Check this out. All I can think is, really? No, really?

Details On Knits

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

It’s been a very stressful week getting my design management book put to bed, complete with some really draining 11th hour panic problems. Thankfully, over now. In the midst of it, I got the latest issue of Vanity Fair magazine, which I always must immediately read cover to cover. In it is a full page ad for Eileen Fisher’s Spring collection of their easy chic airy linens, organic cottons and light cashmeres. The ad features the gorgeous model, Jihae Kim (left). I noted a little beading pattern detail on the shirt that totally reminded me of something I saw in the new Lion Brand Yarn catalog: the Felted And Mended Afghan. Which is a FREE new pattern. Whether it is a bit of beading or contrasting yarn stitches, what a cool random detail to add to knits.

Knit A Heart

Friday, February 12th, 2010

It’s coming. Valentine’s Day is this Sunday. I’m sure there are millions of ways to celebrate this romantic day (or not). Some of the very best ideas are probably not knitting, and better covered at somebody else’s blog. However, I’m going to offer up the idea of making knitted heart motif gifts as a way to let your sweetheart know you think they are someone special. Lion Brand has a bunch of ideas, like the Winged Heart Pillows (how about that photo, left?), the Hearts on a String Mittens and the Hat With Heart Earflaps or the Heart Bag. I’m not sure at all about their pattern for the Sweet Heart Frame in Fun Fur. The Knit1 Magazine Blog posts on a more anatomically correct heart here. Craftzine features artist Ben Cuevas’ Knitted Heart and Birdface has a sweet heart pin and pattern here. OK, maybe the heart thing is kinda cliche. How about taking after this couple: Their advice after 11 years of marriage and a 101 Days of Sex marathon: Just Do It!

Bad Luna Crochet

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

bellalunashawl-lionbrandyarnco1Since I’m on a ruffle rant again, let me throw this one into the fire also: the Bella Luna Shawl (left) designed by Nicky Epstein that appears in the Winter/Spring Lion Brand catalog. When Epstein goes wrong, it is never ever boring. I can see why LB published the pattern, the materials list likely reads: “buy out the entire bin of Vanna’s Choice #099 Linen at your local Joann or Michaels…” The problem here is that this shawl just overwhelms the body—no matter what your figure type. By the way, the catalog does feature the new LB yarn called Amazing (scroll down). Being a Noro lover, I’m wondering about this LB product because it has a similar look, but is a wool/acrylic blend and significantly cheaper. Want more ranting about weird crochet ruffles? Go here.

Knit A Santa Hat

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

salihancrafts-santabikehelmet1It’s not too late! You can still make a festive Santa Hat in time for Christmas caroling or visiting or drinking or whatever else you like to do to spend the holiday. There are traditional ones like these FREE patterns from FaveCrafts and Lion Brand, which is sized from newborn to adult. A nice one for kids from AnArtFamily blog. A fuzzy one from Crystal Palace Yarns and a stripey one from I love this Santa Bike Helmet Hat from Salihan Crafts (above). Isn’t that one fun? More yarn beards in an earlier post here. Just the idea of knitted beards cracks me up.