Everyone who loves knitting knows that there are tons of knitting blogs out there—knitters who blog, bloggers who also knit, and knitwear designers who sometimes blog. The problem is that everyone doesn’t post about knitting specifically on a daily basis, and for those of us obsessed with knitting, that leaves a gap.

sknitter hopes to fill the need for constant new knitting info by providing a daily look at a variety of knitting blogs. Curated by Los Angeles-based design journalist Terry Lee Stone, sknitter is all about knitting and knitters and people who make things with yarn.

The items in these posts are not paid advertisements. They are simply the observations and selections of the curator. Thank you to all the many amazing people discussed in this blog. Thanks especially for the use of your images. If there is a usage problem, please comment saying so, and the material will be removed.

By the way, you can find Terry Lee Stone on Ravelry as TStone. There you can track her personal progress as a knitter, and see her on-going attempts to make garments that actually fit. If you need even more, follow her on Twitter: @TerryLeeStone, where she tweets about all kinds of design, but does not give you a running narrative of her daily life (thank goodness).