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Tilli Tomas Freebies

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

I wish I was reporting that the good folks at Tilli Tomas were giving away massive quantities of their gorgeous luxury yarns, many of which are beaded, but no. Almost as wonderful: they have a bunch of FREE patterns for us up online. Take a moment to register first, then enjoy a variety of patterns, including a bunch of beautiful lace scarves and chic sweaters. I am into this Indi Cable Tank (left) made in a 100% silk called Indy Silk (which isn’t listed on the Yarns page). It’s an unusual design and it synchs up with my cable fixation. The Tilli Tomas blog is here, by the way. Stefanie Japel specified Tilli Tomas yarns, named Pure and Simple and Disco Lights, for her Simple Knitted Bodice. A pattern I own, but have yet to knit. For all of you Japel fans, you might be interested to know that she gave birth to her second daughter last week. Photos and more info on Japel’s blog, Glampyre Knits.

Knit Sock-o-Rama

Friday, February 26th, 2010

I’m still into sock knitting, although I confess to having a half knit pair on my needles that has not been attended to in months. I am justifying this by remembering that sock knitting is an excellent warm weather project, and now is the time for sweater knitting while it’s still cold. There have been some great FREE sock patterns released lately. Take a look: the FaFaFa Socks by Lois of Get It Knited, Knit For Victory’s Raspberry Ripple Bed Socks, and one of my faves the mitered Peppermintoes (left) designed by Melody Johnson of Fibermania. Knitting Daily gives us a booklet of 7 sock patterns! Other cute footies include the nostalgic PomPom Slippers by Vanessa of Do You Mind If I Knit. And to make any of these last longer, consider using Jawoll sock reinforcing thread by Lang.

New Ways To Wear Knitted Cables

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

I know I’ve already blogged Regretsy recently, but when I saw their Skant Contest, I just had to point you to it. Skants are pants that are worn under skirts. Some people use the term to refer to pants that also look like skirts (think 1970s). But Regretsy decided that sweaters turned upside down and worn as pants are what skants really should be. They encouraged readers to send photos of these garments, and well, the results are hilarious. The contest winner is here. Go here, here, here and here for a good laugh. Zandland Blog reviews the whole thing. Is anyone else thinking Grey Gardens here? Or maybe that this is a perfect repurposing of some tragic FO you’ve got stashed somewhere?

Thanks to graphic designer Annessa Braymer for the head’s up on this one.

Stitches West & Myra

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

The San Francisco Bay Area is playing host to Stitches West convention tomorrow through Sunday. See new yarns, gear and even take a class in spinning, beading, felting or crochet—all sorts of needle arts are represented. Stitch Diva Studios will be exhibiting there and featuring one of their designers, LA’s own Myra Wood signing her new book, Crazy Lace (left) in their booth. You can get a preview at her website. She calls her book “a radical departure from  pre-designed patterns.” Knitgrrl (Shannon Okey) reviews Crazy Lace here. Wood’s freeform embroidery art is very interesting as well. Check out Myra’s earlier book here on CraftStylish. Very cool.

New Kind of Cable Knitting

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Japanese fashion designer/artist Kosuke Tsumura’s new exhibition called “MODE less CODE” in Tokyo’s Nanzuka Underground features knitted sculptures made from fabric, old plugs, computer cables, iPods and various bit of techno rubbish. His work frequently crosses genres and incorporates recycled materials. Tsumura has a fashion brand called Final Home and also does “Fantasy Made To Order.” You may have seen his elaborate and intriguing garments like the PET Bottle Armor and his puzzle-piece Cocoon Cradle. Wild.

Thanks to Gizmodo for making me look twice.

Win A VogueKnitting Cover Kit

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

The Spring/Summer 2010 preview of VogueKnitting is up online. Looks like some very pretty stuff. I’m especially into the “Global Fusion” collection and those light mohair sweaters in the “Soft and Sensual” series. I like the sheer yet warm thing— works well for the temperature of LA nights, and my inner vamp. I’ve got some dove grey silk mohair that needs to be frogged and knit up into something cool.  By the way, you can win a kit to make Tanis Gray’s lace capelet pictured on the cover (above). What a beautiful pattern (but what strange eyeshadow on that model). Check out Gray’s work, she has designed a lot of accessories for various magazines. I think you’ll recognize her stuff. Also, this is the issue features Project Runway’s Gordana.

Alexander McQueen's Amazing Knits

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

The brilliant unconventional British designer Alexander McQueen died this month and will be greatly missed. His Men’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection is quite striking. See the show here. It features immense chunky rugged knits, which were inspired by a mash up up of hardy northern fisherman and people living in the harsh conditions at the North and South Poles. I love this sweater (above) that incorporates McQueen’s signature skull and bones motifs. I suppose it actually could function the way traditional Guernesys do. While his suits are made with interesting patterns, including one that looks like knitted cables. Such a loss in the fashion world. It was announced, however, that his label will continue without its founder and creative director.

Rodarte Knits at NY Fashion Week

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

If you read, then you  know I am a fan of the Rodarte. The Mulleavy sisters’ Fall/Winter 2010 collection, featured Tuesday at New York Fashion Week, does not disappoint. It seems like a different direction from the lovely spidery web-like knits of the past, and onto a more substantial layered— light and chunky, sometimes fringed, look and feel (the photo above captures several themes). I even see crochet flowers in the mix. Note the layers of tights on the models too. OK by me. Read the Huffington Post coverage and see a gallery of images here. In case you missed it, check out Yarneteria’s post about the US figure skater Johnny Weir wearing Rodarte. Oh, now that is something that would actually make me watch the Olympics. OK, maybe.

More About Knitting Mr. Greenjeans

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

OK, I’m obsessed with knitting this sweater at the moment. It’s been a long time since I indulged in hour upon hour of knitting, like I did over the 3-day holiday weekend. I took time out to go to OC Roller Girls’ Roller Derby (the “Wheel Housewives of Orange County”) and watched my new heroine, Rolla Chola, but that’s a whole other thing. Anyways, this cardi looks good on just about every figure type. Take a look: Toxophily’s, 3 Sleeves to the Wind’s, Karalee’s, Sunasak’s, Marinoie’s, Phoenix Fiberworks’ and Jerdingr’s (above). I tried my Mr. Greenjeans on several times yesterday, looking at where it was hitting and how to make it fit me best. I’m optimistic.

Back To Knitting Mr. Greenjeans

Monday, February 15th, 2010

After so many months of writing and writing, I have spend the majority of this weekend knitting. How fantastic! I’ve gone back to my purple Mr. Greenjeans cardigan (above), a classic Knitty pattern from 2007. It’s a truly delightful pattern to knit. Hats off to designer Amy Swenson. I had started this sweater at the end of last Winter, but set it aside because the weather turned too warm, and started making this cotton cardigan, which ended up a depressing fit disaster. The purple yarn I’m using is a batch of Patons Classic Wool, a gift from my Mom.