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Knitter's Review Looks at 2009

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

lornaslacesgreenlineworstedI enjoy Clara Parkes’ Knitter’s Review. I read her yarn reviews religiously, and never fail to take the little online polls. The writing is very good and the opinions are well informed. So it is a delight to read her New Year’s Eve post looking back on the year’s events in knitting. Especially insightful is an examination of the changes in publishing, due in no small part to the rising independence of knitwear designers and the huge impact of Ravelry direct sales of patterns.

The colorway for Lorna’s Laces Green Line Worsted, above, shown here because it’s pretty.

Knit Car Cozy

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

crochetcarbagI spent most of yesterday getting a new car. We left behind our trusty Volvo and got a 2010 Toyota Prius. I know, I know, how trendy and green. It is all that and a very space age car, indeed. Naturally, I have car love at the moment, and it got me wondering if anyone had knit their Prius a car snuggie. Nope. However, a few years back The Crochet Dude (Drew Emborsky) blogged about car cozies and linked a pattern for one. Gothamist and Digital Sextant have photos. Oh, and  I did find this super cute crochet car bag (left) for sale.

The Ravelry Meetup

Monday, December 28th, 2009

partyatunwindI like Unwind. It’s a nice, clean, bright, Burbank LYS with a very accommodating and lovely owner, Stephanie Steinhaus. As they did last year, Unwind is hosting the Ravelry founders, Jess and Casey, and their staff in an anniversary event on January 7th. I’m undecided about going. Everything at Unwind is just a hair too expensive seeming, this party included. It always makes me hesitate, and then often, regret it. The Rav crew is in town because TNNA has their convention in  Long Beach—at the Southern edge of Los Angeles— not the prettiest part of our fair city, but a convenient contained conference venue. I worked in Long Beach for a year, and it felt like being on a planet quite alien from the rest of LA, but I digress. TNNA is for yarn store retailers and knitwear designers. Unfortunately, I have no access, or I would go and blog it.

A Christmas FO

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

socksforvictoriaThis past Summer I learned to knit socks and promptly taught several of my friends. I’m not saying it took completely. There are several socks waiting to have their mates knit. Then again, some of my pals are making their second or third pair of socks. It’s a handy skill, sock knitting. Plus they are a cool gift. People like handknit socks, especially other knitters. That’s why Vicky was at the top of my list to get this nutty pair of turquoise striped Cascade Fixation crew socks. She loves them. It’s so great to give someone a gift they didn’t expect, and that they truly like. Anniversary

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

maxandmittenstangledkittyYes, it is true— is one year old today! Here’s my first ever post. At the risk of forgetting someone, I’d like to say thank you to all of the very special friends, some of whom I’ve never met in person, who have supported me and this blog throughout the year. OK, here goes: Gail, Naomi@ Ink Yarn & Beer, Living In An Attic, Julia @ Aalerusen, TTWCreative’s Trish, Stefan G. Bucher (my first blog roll!) Caffeine Girl, Saffron@Moon Calf Makes, Craig, Alpaca Farm Girl Katy, Hissy Stitch, Christina@ Lovely Paperie, Egret Effects, CraftGossip, Twist Collective’s Julia, WhipUp, and the amazing Vicki Stiefel of Knitting News (best knitting Tweets ever!). I can hardly believe I’ve done 379 posts this year! Thanks in no small way to the many many talented designers, artists, authors, yarn companies, and knitting bloggers I’ve covered. You are all a true inspiration and source of wonder to me on a daily basis. Life certainly would be dull without all of you, that’s for sure! I’m a better writer and knitter because of you.

That adorable tangled up kitty (above) is from Max and Mittens. Just because it’s cute.

Yarn On Christmas Eve

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

adforswedishpostalsystemHappy merry. Love this image (left) of a guy making a crochet dishcloth with Christmas greetings for his granny. Apparently this is an old ad campaign for the Swedish Postal System, according to Peter Leonard’s blog, The Goggles Do Nothing. Kooky. The slogan “Posta Julen” means “Send Christmas,” and that’s what I’d like to do—send heartfelt holidays wishes to all of you, my dear readers. Thank you for your kind attention and frequent visits. May your Christmas stocking be filled with way way way too much yarn this year!

(What is it with Rasta guys and crochet?)

Knit A Santa Hat

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

salihancrafts-santabikehelmet1It’s not too late! You can still make a festive Santa Hat in time for Christmas caroling or visiting or drinking or whatever else you like to do to spend the holiday. There are traditional ones like these FREE patterns from FaveCrafts and Lion Brand, which is sized from newborn to adult. A nice one for kids from AnArtFamily blog. A fuzzy one from Crystal Palace Yarns and a stripey one from I love this Santa Bike Helmet Hat from Salihan Crafts (above). Isn’t that one fun? More yarn beards in an earlier post here. Just the idea of knitted beards cracks me up.

The Knotty Truth

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

gedifrariannbigcolor2192OK, repeat after me: yarn has knots. Good yarn, bad yarn, cheap yarn, and really expensive yarn— all of it can have a knot or two in the skein. Why are knitters so surprised? And why do I read endless posts about how bad and horrible the yarn companies are for daring to join the yarn mid-skein? Enough. Deal with it. That’s why I always ball my yarn before knitting to find any knots. I just untie them and rejoin the yarn with a smooth tie that has 2 long tails I can weave in. Any project of any size is going to mean joining a new ball of yarn, so just handle  the manufacturer’s knots the way you would with your own joins. Where’s the problem?

The luscious yarn above is the Gedifra Rianna Big Color that I’m making into a cozy cowl gift.

Winter Petite Purls Is Up

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

ryuu_ko-petitepurlsThe cutest kids knitwear magazine, Petite Purls,  has put their Winter issue up online. Here is the pattern index for a quick scan of these wonderful pint-sized knits. My faves? Star Tweed, a cardigan designed by Yumiko Sakurai, Cheery Scrap Hat by Kate Oates, and the Ryuu-ko intarsia pullover (left) by Daniela Nii. Adorable. Need more cuteness? Susan B. Anderson’s knitted Lamb should do it for you.

Christmas Sweater Festival

Friday, December 18th, 2009

3rdanualchristmassweaterfestivalIf you are here in Los Angeles this weekend, you can join in the fun at the 3rd Annual Christmas Sweater Festival. It’s a celebration of fashion, music, libations, and holiday unity. To say “fashion” is kind of a stretch—it’s all about those knitted atrocities we love to hate: Christmas Sweaters. This year’s concert event is at the historic El Rey Theatre and features: The Deadly Syndrome, 400 Blows and Pity Party, owner of my favorite LYS, Julie Edwards’ band. Tickets are $17 and benefit Teen Impact, an LA non-profit that aids sick teenagers battling cancer.  Good cause. Real bad sweaters.