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Weekends Are For Knitting & Root Canal

Monday, August 31st, 2009

interweaveknits-weekendSorry not to post yesterday. It’s been a tough few days for me. I cracked my tooth, which lead to a Root Canal procedure, but there were complications, that prompted Vicodin, from which I had a really adverse reaction. Today I’m off to a specialist and hopefully, my problem will be fixed. Here’s  something nice that can almost take my mind off my hideous toothache: Interweave Press has launched a new magazine: Interweave Knits Weekend. See the preview here. The publication will feature casual easy projects for men, women and children (a few projects, above). Definitely more fun than dental surgery.

Knitting Excuses

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

nikkiadams-excusesI’m not yet knitting Nikki Adams’ fitted little sweater, Excuses (left), but I am very interested in it for several reasons. She gives us an excuse to use that pretty odd ball of specialty yarn, in her specs it’s Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon, in a fitted top down constructed pullover. Although Adams seems to have stopped posting lately, her blog Knitensity, has notes on several patterns including Excuses. On it she spells out her instructions of fitting a C cup or bigger bust, which is pretty enlightening and useful info. Her complaint being that bust shaping needs to occur not just at the side, but three-dimensionally to fit well. Excuses was first published in 2007 the now defunct MagKnits. You can download it for FREE on Ravelry. Check out Nikki Adams on Ravelry, she’s mwedzi. Also, take a look at Scholastica’s Twisted Excuses on Rav. She’s  knitted some cables instead of the contrasting sari ribbon with some really gorgeous results.

Green Yarns

Friday, August 28th, 2009

empiretunic-knittyknurseThe yarn company Takhi Stacy Charles has some interesting organic yarns and seems to be adding more all the time to their Terra Collection of green products. Their Jeans is a 100%  organic cotton tape that is lightweight and feels like linen. Rosemary Drysdale designed the beautiful Empire Tunic out of it. (That’s KnittyKnurse’s Empire Tunic, left.) Takhi’s Fall Winter pattern book features: Rio-an alpaca/merino/silk blend; Montana-a lofty 100% unprocessed wool roving; and Lana-a new 100% organic merino. The color palettes for these yarns are subtle, beautiful, and created with low-impact environmentally friendly dyes. The colors don’t all look like dirt, but still have that “Seriously folks, I’m organic” look.

Knitted Color Studies

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

malinknits-dominosunsetshawl2Color choice in your knitting is so important. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve loved a yarn in the skein, and then didn’t once I knit it up. For me, the variegated yarns I’ve used so far are off my consideration list. It is the yarns with long color shifts that seem to look best for most garments and accessories. A beautiful example is Malin Nilsson of Malin Knits’ Domino Sunset Shawl (above, shawl in progress) made with Kauni Effekt. On the other hand, I’m not liking the color choices on Crystal Palace Yarns’ Laura’s Merino-5 Entrelac Shawl. The short color change variegated yarn coupled with yarns of such different values and hues are too abrupt for my taste.

Pristine Smut Again

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

pristinesmut2The design duo of Liria Pristine and Rosie Kent, also known as Pristine Smut, are back with another strangely beautiful collection of knitwear accessories (above). Check out the interview with them at of the collection, called “Adapted Deliverance,” are in the image gallery on that same site. Here’s an older sknitter post about Pristine Smut.


Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

krisknits-thermisDefinitely a knit designer to watch is Kris Patay. She blogs and designs under the name KrisKnits. She’s an artist, designer, and photographer who is also the mother of two small children. Her designs for them, as well as her many dishcloths and accessories patterns are a treat. Check out her button scarf called Thermis (above). I love her Citrus Mittens. Her latest design, Posey, is a super cute pincushion you’ll want to make and use if you (or someone you love) sews.

Sweater Embelishment

Monday, August 24th, 2009

lauralaura1Here’s an interesting idea: bold embroidery, placed in unexpected positions, on sweaters. London-based LauraLaura takes unwanted vintage sweaters and turns them into new garments by embellishing them with cliché statements. I like the way they use large scale cursive type and the over the shoulder and yoke placement is genius. They also place phrases right across the chest in the expected location, and those don’t work as well for me. Anyways, maybe this can inspire your own ideas? By the way, LauraLaura also makes reinvented jewelry.

Chart Me: Knit Triangular Shawl

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

travelingwoman-feministyI’ve got a problem. When I type a lot, like I have been lately, I can’t knit. Too much stress on the wrist causes wicked tendonitis. No knitting means more thinking about knitting and planning future projects. One thing I want is one of those little triangular neck shawl  thingees out of sock yarn. The Mac-Daddy of these is Ysolda’s Ishbel, which Mooncalf made so beautifully. The ones I have been considering making are: Shoulder Scarf from Stone Soup Designs, Frostberries designed by Katrin Silvius, and Sarianna (Sarma) Karkela’s Onerva. Then, yesterday I saw Traveling Woman (chart detail, left) designed by Liz Abinante of Feministy. It  just took my breath away. Can I do it justice? I have such a history of messing up lace patterns, but hope springs eternal!

Knit Trends for Fall

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

latimes-lanvin1The Los Angeles Times has done a round up of the Fall Fashion Trends. They interpret runway looks and talk about what we can expect in retail stores. Of course, unless it’s at Target or our favorite Etsy boutique, I’m betting that a lot of us are probably going to take a pass on much in the way of new outfits. Anyways, that is an ensemble from Lanvin (left) in what is touted as the must-have Jade green of the season. What I see is a lot of bulky yarn accessories piled up on each other. That Elizabethan-like ruffle collar is too silly, no? Click through the whole series, not every one is a knitted item, but it is interesting.

(Thanks to Naomi at Ink,Yarn & Beer for pointing me to this article. She’s got a great post on knitting and posture that is really good information. Check it out. )

Fall Twist Collective

Friday, August 21st, 2009

twistcollective-argylejacketThe Fall issue of Twist Collective is up online. What a great collection they have have for us this time. Some really beautiful sweaters and a bunch of great socks as well. I like the Argyle Jacket (left) designed by Jenn Jarvis. It looks so figure flattering. Such a fresh take on a traditional knitting motif. Really fun. I’m not sure about the colorway, but to each her own. Lorelei by Tonia Barry is pretty, pretty, pretty. Connie Chang Chinchio delivers yet another gorgeously refined feminine sweater with Peyton. And Ysolda’s cute Vine Yolk Cardigan proves that she is really a changeling left here on earth by the fairies to delight us.