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The Poet Pimp Knits

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

hung-thomasjaneJust caught the premiere of the new HBO show, Hung, and I’m digging it. The premise: after a series of bad breaks, a divorced, beleaguered high school coach, played by hunky Thomas Jane (left), decides to use his only real asset— his over-sized manhood— to make money and get himself out of his financial difficulties. Helping him, well pimping him, is a wacky poet who knits(!) played by the delightful Jane Adams. Looks like our hero spends the season examining the question, “What do women really want, anyways?” Fun. Here’s what I want: to be done with my Textured Circle Shrug. Just 6 more rounds of 1×1 ribbing, then 22 rounds (x 295 stitches) of seed/moss stitch. Talk about huge.

Knit With Pride

Monday, June 29th, 2009

filambulle-rainbowmoebiusThe weekend was full of Gay Pride, discussions of marriage equality, and remembrances of the 40th anniversary of Stonewall. The Studio 360 show had a Redesign The Gay Flag competition. I think the existing flag, designed by Harvey Milk’s friend Gilbert Baker in 1978, is just fine. Many of us love to knit rainbows. From Ravelry, download for FREE  the Coming Out Rainbow Shawl and the Rainbow Pride Scarf. I’m not saying these designs are all intentionally about Pride, but they are colorful tributes if you want them to be: Vogue’s Rainbow Shawl, the Mini Mochi Rainbow Hat, Laughing Purple Goldfish Design’s crocheted Rainbow Scarf, and this lovely Rainbow Moebius by Manuèle Ducret of Filambulle (left). Check out these roller derby meets Thai fisherman “totally gay” Rainbow Hot Pants. Wow.

Knit Some Fancy Feet

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

easyknits-climbercablesocksI wore myself out yesterday, teaching kids to knit at the East LA Boys & Girls Club and then hosting a little dinner party. So, today, exhausted, all I’m gonna say is take a look at these amazing FREE socks patterns. I marvel at these designer’s creativity: Corn Row Socks by Mr Poopers Day Out, Skyline Chilly’s Air Raid Socks, Cloud Nine by Debbie Orr, Climber Cable Socks from EASYKnits (left), and Bamboo designed by Baa Baa Blacksheep. So many lovely choices, where to begin, right?






These Climber Cable Socks (left) use the Magic Toe Up Cast On which creates an invisible seam. Go to Knitty and read how-to

Free Knitting Patterns

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

patons-colorfulpoloneckI hate to look a gift horse in the mouth, I really do. No doubt I’m going to sound ungrateful today. I appreciate the FREE patterns yarn companies provide. I do. However, it seems like Patons has dredged the archives to pad out their pattern offerings online. Maybe someone somewhere around the world might want to knit the Colorful Polo Neck (left), the Fair Isle Border Cardigan, the Textures & Flowers turtleneck, and the amazing Argyle & Plaid Jacket. Really? I know we’re having an 80’s revival, but man, that stuff is FUG. It’s just not quite vintage enough to be cool yet. I’m not sure it ever was or will be. Over at Lion Brand, I notice that they’ve taken a number of old patterns, like this Classic Pullover, and specified them in some of the newer LB yarns. Tip: do not knit this baby sweater, it is truly an ugly mess. I know. I made it once. Good grief that looked stupid on the kid. Of course, my poor friend felt obligated to put her child in it since it was my gift. Awful.

That Glove

Friday, June 26th, 2009

michaeljacksonperformsIt could be argued that Michael Jackson’s single glittery glove was truly one of the world’s most recognizable symbols. Transcending its humble original function, that glove became a global icon. It also launched a billion Halloween costumes. Earlier this year the famous diamante glove MJ wore in his Motown 25th Anniversary special performance of “Billie Jean,” along with thousands of other personal items, went up for auction to pay the troubled singer’s many debts. To be factual, these gloves weren’t knitted, they were primarily spandex and rhinestone-studded or encrusted with Swarovski crystals. You can get a replica. Or maybe just add a little discreet sparkle to a plain glove, and hum a little while you knit, “…She’s just a girl who claims that I am the one…”

Selling Handknits? Redux

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

yokoospectacles-etsyA while back I did the math and determined that selling hand knits as a living probably wasn’t possible. Unfortunately. This week I found an article on Double X by Sara Mosle that really spells it out: “ Peddles a False Feminist Fantasy.” It’s a brilliant article full of facts and figures supporting the author’s premise that Etsy actively fosters a delusion that ingenious crafters can earn a viable living via this site. “Etsy has a business model akin to the lottery’s,” Mosle writes. (Make sure to read the comments that dispute her.) No surprise, the only ones getting rich are the people who own Etsy. A figure* I’ve seen quoted: about $1.7 million a month. That’s a ton of scarves and mittens. Actually, it’s mostly jewelry.  [*Source: Rob Walker’s 2008 book, Buying In ]


Here’s an Etsy seller I hope is beating the odds and making bank: Yokoo (left). Read more about her here.

Knitting T-Shirts

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

peaceloveknit-chrissyhstudiosllcIf you can’t wear your own FO, but want to broadcast your love of knitting, how about a T-shirt with knitting graphics on it? Cafe Press, a print on-demand manufacturing company, offers artists a way to create and sell their custom designs with no up front or inventory costs. Some of the best knit-related ones are: Scarf ace, K2tog, The Dirty Knitter, I Throw, Knitting Bee and my fave, Peace Love Knit (left) by Chrissy H. Studios, LLC. Franklin Habit sells his Knitting Kali and other designs via Cafe Press. So does the ever popular magazine, KnittyAlice*Thelma specializes in knitting T-shirts. Zazzle, which is like Cafe Press, has this Twitter Knitter shirt. Your favorite knitting designer probably has a shirt for sale. Ravelry has some great ones.  And if you’re a pirate, you’re gonna love this one.

LA Designers Take Big Award

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

rodarte-fall2009Kate and Laura Mulleavy’s Rodarte label has won fashion’s biggest award, the CFDA. The Los Angeles Times says of the Pasadena-based Rodarte, their “horror-film-meets-haute-couture aesthetic reflects the dichotomy of the California dream…” As a knitter I’m so intrigued by their work. As an Angeleno, I’m thrilled to see local designers recognized. I’m hoping to see their ideas inspire the handknit world. I really love Rodarte’s intense cobweb-like sweaters for Fall 2009 (above). Some people, like RomancingTheYarn blog, are not fans of these designs. Well, I am.

NSFW Knits?

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

bruno-berlinpremiere2Are knitted penises safe for work? You’ll need to follow the link for a better view, but check out Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno character’s outfit at the Berlin premiere of his new film (left). Bruno sported a pink anatomically correct knit bodysuit, and his entourage had their own versions as well (click through the gallery of photos). I haven’t found the knitting pattern for anything like that yet, sorry. I have found a French fiber fetishists’ site that is most definitely NSFW (scroll & scroll). Apparently, there are those who like to get it on swathed in miles of mohair. Hey, whatever two consenting adults want to do for fun is fine with me, even those two girls and their cup. Whatever floats your boat.




Want a little more knitted kink? Go here.

New Magazine for Kid Knits

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

petitepurls-haltermelonPetite Purls is a new online magazine specializing in  baby and children’s knits. New moms, Allegra Wermuth and Brandy Fortune met online, became friends, and now have launched this publication with feature articles, a blog, and FREE patterns, like the ridiculously cute Haltermelon (left) designed by Alana Dakos. They are also doing some great little reviews of stylish, useful knitting and baby products too. Good idea. Petite Purls is looking for designer submissions, so all of you who create knits for kids, check out the guidelines here. Get in on the ground floor, and become a part of a sweet new thing.





The Haltermelon top (left) is made in Manos Cotton Stria. Knitter’s Review examines this yarn, here.