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Knitting Typography

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

bdflossy-burodestructWe all know that knitter’s have their own language (e.g. “with right sides facing pick up and knit…”),  and special acronyms (e.g. “yo” or “k2tog”). Now, knitter’s have their own font (above). It’s called BD Flossy and is the brainchild of the Swiss typography / graphic design studio, Büro Destruct. Everyone will have to memorize this font completely in order  to understand even the simplest phrase. Maybe that’s the fun of it. Follow these designers on Twitter: @BuroDestruct.

Knitter's Summer Preview

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

knitters-summerpreviewThe new issue of Knitter’s magazine is being previewed online here. Knitter’s tends to have challenging patterns for intermediate to advanced level knitting skills. The patterns (see thumbnails, left) also tend to be less trend-driven and therefore probably appeal to perhaps an older knitter. It’s all relative, of course. I think Interweave Knits and Vogue Knitting tend to be more trendy, but can be equally challenging. I can’t really understand Rebecca’s instructions, but love their patterns. The online magazine, (some of which offer FREE patterns, and some have nominal costs for downloads) like Knitty, KnotionsYarnForward,  MetaPostModern Knitting, and especially, Twist Collective, offer a nice variety of skill levels and definitely tend to be more fashion forward than Knitter’s. I say, enjoy them all… but, then again, I’m  definitely a knitting addict.


See sknitter’s recent coverage of some of the online knitting magazines here, here, here, and here.


Friday, May 29th, 2009

knitwhits-patchWho knew there were so many knit-whits I could post about this week? Liana Kabel’s idiosyncratic necklace, and now, I find Tina Whitmore has a company called KnitWhits. They offer kits for hats, socks, mittens, sweaters, toys and purses, like this one called Patch (left). The pattern features and intarsia pattern. This kit contains everything—needles, yarn (choice of wool or cotton), pattern, button— and sells for $48.00. Or you can just buy the pattern only for $5.50. There are several purse kits,like the Lyra Tote and Cirque Mitered Square Purse, and what’s great is they include fancy hard-to-find handles for these bags. You may find KnitWhits kits in your LYS, because they do have a wholesale business that seems good as well.

Knitting A Bold New Frontier

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

niftyknits-trekkiemeerkatsWhat happens when two TV shows are reinterpreted in yarn? You get Nifty Knits’ vintage Star Trek meets Meerkat Manor mania in Trekkie Meerkats. This is a truly wacky mashup. Check out the Nifty Knits Etsy shop and blog too. If you have never watched Animal Planet network’s Meerkat Manor, go here. If you’ve never seen Star Trek, you are so off the grid, we’re going to need to give you a cultural intervention.


Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

lianakabel-knitwitnecklaceJust when we were enjoying Spring, Los Angeles turned cold again. I had started pulling out warm weather clothes and trying out new combinations to wear with the same old stuff. I was thinking accessories. I remembered my post on Liana Kabel the designer who creates jewelry out of recycled knitting tools. She’s still at it, with a few new twists, like measuring tape brooches. That’s her Knitwit Necklace (left) made from vintage knitting needles tips.

For another sknitter post on knitting jewelry accessories, this one about wire and pearls, go here.

Visualizing Your Knitting

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

vogueknitting-biaslaceshrugOne of the hardest parts about knitting is choosing the right pattern for both your skill level and your figure type. Plus, in magazines and books, photos of knitting patterns are skillfully styled to evoke emotional responses, and/or hide pattern flaws, and that can mislead you. Big time. So, it was great to discover on YouTube that Vogue Knitting has put their pattern samples on a neutral, if skinny, body and shot each piece 360˚ for a good look at them. That’s the Bias Lace Shrug (above) designed by Michelle Rose Orne for VK Spring/Summer ’09. Interweave Knits magazine, on their site Knitting Daily, provides photo galleries of their design samples. That’s great because they put the knitwear on their staff who have real women’s (as opposed to model’s) bodies. If they shot each in 360˚ video, then we’d really be able to choose the right pattern!

Chart Me: Patriotic Knitting

Monday, May 25th, 2009

usflag-vickidesignsIf you are American, chances are you’re celebrating Memorial Day Weekend, maybe having a BBQ, or watched the Indy500, or even remembered that this holiday is in observance of those who lost their lives in a US war. I’ll be knitting, well and writing, because I’m working on a new design book. Here are some patriotic pattens: US Flag chart  from VickiDesigns (above) which you obviously can apply to whatever you feel like knitting and Helene Rush Design’s Flag Socks, I wish us all Peace and an end to war in our lifetime. Dick Cheney, you’ve done your damage. STFU now.

More Knitted Stripes

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

rainbowpoochsweater-caron1I know, I know, it’s not much, but I’m going to point you to two of my current favorite stripey knitting projects today:  the Rainbow Pooch Sweater from Caron in Simply Soft Brites. It’s an OK yarn, definitely inexpensive, but the rainbow striping is so darn cute. On the other hand, the Layout Tank is made from Berroco’s Pure Pima, a truly lovely cotton in a beautiful range of colors. Both patterns are FREE, and nicely striped. Hope you enjoy!

Knitted Stripes

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

randomstripegenerator1Here’s something useful and fun: a Random Stripe Generator. Caitlin of Biscuits & Jam, has written a script that generates random stripe patterns for knitting sweaters, scarves, afghans or whatever else needs stripes. You can choose from a good sized palette of colors and specify how thick or thin you want the stripes to be (see my sample left). This FREE online service lets you get an idea of what the pattern will look like before you commit all that time and don’t like it. Try it out! Before you actually start knitting, check this TECHknitting tutorial on knitting jogless stripes so your pattern looks perfect!

Fun With Yarn 2

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

caffaknitedowlsKnitted toys! Hard working Sock Monkeys aren’t the only game in town. There are a lot of designers creating fabulous little collectibles out of yarn. One of my favorites by far is Caffaknitted. Those are her Owls (above). See a Gallery of her creature here, and check her blog for a FREE Rocket pattern. Robot Knitter gives us a pattern for, what else, a Robot. Flutterby Patch has a delightful world of tiny knitted sheep. The FREE pattern is here. And don’t you love Sugar Bunny?