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Knitted Jewelry

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

cocoknits-wirebraceletYes, it is possible to knit your jewelry. Who knew? Julie Weisenberger gives us a complete tutorial on how to take steel wire and freshwater pearls to craft a lovely airy bauble for the wrist, the Wire And Pearl Cuff. There is lots of good stuff at Weisenberger’s site, CocoKnits. Useful tutorials, some really beautiful sweater patterns for sale, and some FREE Accessories  ones too (scroll down). I like her Welted Scarf a lot. More knitted jewelry here, here, and here too. Bijouterie, designed by Rosemary Hill is especially pretty.

Knitting Is A Superpower

Friday, January 30th, 2009

handknitheroes1Well,  knitting can be a superpower according  to knitting’s first graphic novel, Handknit Heroes. Created by Stephanie Bryant (AKA Mortaine), and illustrated by Mark Olivent, the comic features the adventures of twins with mysterious powers. Each issue comes with a knitting pattern as well. The first issue has the POW! Hooded Scarf  by Erssie Major who blogs about it here and here. Check out reviews from Lustrous Owl and Mortaine recently visited A Mano Yarn Center in Los Angeles. Read about it here. Can knitter’s really save the world? How about fix this totally crap economy we’ve got going?

Swedes Know Sweaters

Friday, January 30th, 2009

harrietandersson-monikaI got a tip that the Swedes have a tradition of great sweaters in movies. Exhibit A (left): Harriet Anderson in the 1953 “Summer With Monika,” a film by the great director, Ingmar Bergman. You can watch his “Cries And Whispers,”The Seventh Seal,” “Scenes From A Marriage” or “Persona” for the sweaters, but that wouldn’t really be the point. And you can make the Greta cardigan, a FREE pattern from Berrroco, but hey, few of us will get the sweater to look like it did on Ms. Anderson. Check out this interesting Swedish knitting technique called  Tvåändsstickning (Two End Knitting) for a thick warm fabric. Planet Purl gives us a Swedish-English Knitter’s Dictionary. Very cool.

Cats in Hats

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

spindlesspices-FrenchCatHatA friend wants to knit a hat with ear holes for her cat. My reaction: why put a hat on your cat? Turns out, it’s a popular thing to do. Spindles and Spices has a series of International Cat Hats (left). I never found the exact pattern requested by my pal, but I did find  WikiHow’s Crochet Cat Hat, KnittingAfterHours’ Kitty Eye Patch, Cat Bordhi’s Magical Knitting, a Felted Cat Hat for humans, and how to spin your cat’s hair and turn your cat into a hat. You can buy the cat hat with ear holes from Save Chairman Meow, but Wendy Chao isn’t saying how to make them.  So, the search continues. By the way, check out  Stuff on My Cat, if you haven’t ever seen it. And of course, Kitty Wigs is definitely  not to be missed.

Fun on Thursdays

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

rosekimknits-thursdaysOne of the best things about Thursdays is Rose-Kim Knits‘ “Thursdays Are For What The Hell Is This?” blog posts. Each week, Jessica manages to find and write about some of the wackiest ideas in knitting. A couple of my recent favorites are the French Detergent Ads (above) developed by SNCF/ TBWA/ Paris, “World Least Appetizing Tea Cozy” and the “Freesized Jumpsuit.” If you want more silly knitting, also check Stitchy McYarnpants and You Knit What2.

Meanwhile, at Rebecca

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

rebeccapreviewAt the new KnitScene sweaters are big and loose, over at Rebecca, the stylish German knitting magazine, things are light and airy, but form-fitting. Check out the preview for Issue 39 here. They also offer a variety of FREE patterns online. Last year I bought one of their older pattern books, specifically on Mohair. Great designs, but I found it a bit hard to understand. Maybe too advanced for my skill levels then. Marcia Cleary of ran an ad in that particular pattern book offering help understanding the Rebecca instructions.

Knitting Needles

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

lianakabel-braceletWhile learning to knit, I experimented with knitting needles too. Since every new project seemed to require a different size, I bought a different kind of needle so I could determine what I really like. The clear winners for me are Addi Turbo Circular Needles. Worth every penny, these nickel plated brass beauties glide through the work, have smooth joins, are the right weight in my hands. (more…)

Go Stripe It

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

chevronscarfDo Stuff! Leethal’s Blog is a fun site. Lee Meredith (Leethal) has a craft zine, an Etsy shop, and a photography website. Busy woman. Check out her fun FREE pattern for the Waving Chevron Scarf. There is a bit of a trick to knitting stripes, check out the tutorials on, Lana Grossa, ABC’s of Knitting for the how-to on vertical stripes, The Purl Bee for knitting stripes in the round, and TECHknitting for info on “jogless” stripes.

Return of the 80's

Monday, January 26th, 2009

colourscapechunkyOver on Ravelry many are commenting on the KnitScene Spring 2009 preview, calling it “frumpy and dumpy.” I feel certain that the yarn companies, like Rowan who gives us Kaffe Fassett’s Colourscape Chunky (above), are praying the 80’s are back. So much yardage required! Check out this and this.  It is true  that 10″ of negative ease IS ridiculously comfortable. I’m just saying. Well look, in any case, here’s a good thing to do with an 80’s sweater: make floor cushions.

Knit Your Food

Monday, January 26th, 2009

sushi NeedleNoodlesI’m not 100%  sure why you’d want to knit your food, but I am strangely drawn to these items. I guess it’s just too cute. It’s a great way to destash. They are decorative siting in a pretty bowl. Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m on the South Beach Diet and I’m really thinking a lot about food. For those interested in knitted food, there’s  Truly Scrumptious,  AnnyPurls,  Make:,  Norah Gaughan on Berroco,  and Mrs. Darcy’s Knitted Cupcake Project. Jimmy Beans Wool has a FREE pattern for knitted fruits and veggies. Why not? No carbs at all.


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