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Double the Fun: Knit Two Socks at Once

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Karen Clements the brilliant designer behind Knit 1 LA is up to something interesting on her blog. She has a tutorial going on with step-by-step instructions, along with photos and videos, on how to knit two socks at one time. She doesn’t use the same method that Melissa Morgan-Oakes does in her book 2-at-a-time Socks (i.e. a long circular needle). Karen knits one inside the other with traditional DPNs. I know. Pretty darn clever. Like anything in knitting, it takes a bit of practice, but this handy method can have some serious benefits in  terms of speeding up the process. Just imagine how much easier the holiday gift rush can be!

Let Them Knit Cake (Or Not)

Monday, June 14th, 2010

If you are a regular reader you may know that I have 3 books coming out this year: two on managing the graphic design process and a baking cookbook. I’m pleased to tell you that Booze Cakes is now available. The publisher, Quirk, tells me it is getting a good response. That’s is the cover, above. My co-author is Krystina Castella. Check out the Booze Cakes blog if you want to read more about baking with wine, beer and spirits. There you can get our recipe for the Tequila Sunrise Cake which is one amazing Summertime cake. If you really want to knit cake, go to Bitter Sweet’s website. Maybe eat booze cake while knitting a cake? Less stitch error than imbibing.

Reading Knitting Charts

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Here’s a great online resource: Smart Knitting-Crochet. Their tutorial on How To Read Knitting Charts is super helpful (that’s a detail from it, above). You’ll find many good tips and a variety of techniques explained very accessibly. There’s an interesting piece on how to make a knit or crochet skirt that fits. A lot of new crochet info has been added recently, check this listing for info.  Dina, who created the site, is clearly one of the generous people in the blogosphere.

Stash Busting Month

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

OK, so I’m late with this one: apparently April was “Stash Busting Month” according to Crafting A Green World blog, who say that $4.2 billion gets spent on art supplies annually (the source of this statistic is broken). They had a contest, but sorry, it’s over. See the post for info. Anyways, I have been busy using yarn that I already own lately. Maybe you have too. It’s the damn economy, right? That plus having accumulated way too much stuff and not wanting to store it all. Since I knit so many bad sweaters in the past, I actually could probably just keep unraveling and using the same yarn for the next year or so until I get it right. For those of you who also want to bust your stash, here’s some fun little projects: the Anthropologie Capelet in DK from Ms. Cleaver Chronicles, or Purl Bee’s Fishnet Anklets or the Garter Triangle Scarf by PresentsKnits (above).

Knitter's Charity: Halos of Hope

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

The wonderful Vicki Stiefel, of KnittingNews, tweeted my post about chemo caps the other day and it lead me to finding Halos of Hope via amgoth2000’s tweet (we are all so connected!). Halos of Hope is a non-profit organization, started by Pamela Haschke, that provides cancer patients with handcrafted hats created with love and good wishes by volunteers. Maybe you’d like to help? Donation information and cap guidelines here. It looks like soft seamless cotton hats are preferred. How about comforting a sick child with one of these toppers: Lacy Girly Fancy Hat by Alexandra Walters, Polka-Dot Alien Hat from Polar Knits (scroll down), the Kool Hat from Yarngear, Beadwhore’s Hello Kitty Hat, Gail Bable’s Daffodil Hat or maybe this Froggy Hat. Lion Brand’s Cotton Ease might be a nice yarn choice for one of these hats. Or maybe you can do some stash-busting?

Knitting Chemo Caps

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

In a perfect world none of us would ever need to knit a loved one a chemo cap. I’ve been on the planet long enough to understand that this life is short, and you never know what hand you’ll be dealt, so better enjoy yourself. An old friend of mine is up for round 2 in the battle with the “Big C.” Here’s some of the hat’s I’m considering knitting for her: Pomatomus Hat on Create And Explore after Cookie A’s socks; Marnie MacLean’s Pismo Hat; What If Knit’s Point Lobos Hat; Kody May’s Eyelet Lace Elegance Hat; the CCCC from Yarn Ball Boogie; Everything Is Hunky-Dory on KnitMeASong; or Whitney Van Nes’ Simple Pleasures Hat (above). Of course, there are many many more excellent choices. I’m thinking Filatura DiCrosa Superior, a cashmere/silk blend. So soft.

Tilli Tomas Freebies

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

I wish I was reporting that the good folks at Tilli Tomas were giving away massive quantities of their gorgeous luxury yarns, many of which are beaded, but no. Almost as wonderful: they have a bunch of FREE patterns for us up online. Take a moment to register first, then enjoy a variety of patterns, including a bunch of beautiful lace scarves and chic sweaters. I am into this Indi Cable Tank (left) made in a 100% silk called Indy Silk (which isn’t listed on the Yarns page). It’s an unusual design and it synchs up with my cable fixation. The Tilli Tomas blog is here, by the way. Stefanie Japel specified Tilli Tomas yarns, named Pure and Simple and Disco Lights, for her Simple Knitted Bodice. A pattern I own, but have yet to knit. For all of you Japel fans, you might be interested to know that she gave birth to her second daughter last week. Photos and more info on Japel’s blog, Glampyre Knits.

Knit Sock-o-Rama

Friday, February 26th, 2010

I’m still into sock knitting, although I confess to having a half knit pair on my needles that has not been attended to in months. I am justifying this by remembering that sock knitting is an excellent warm weather project, and now is the time for sweater knitting while it’s still cold. There have been some great FREE sock patterns released lately. Take a look: the FaFaFa Socks by Lois of Get It Knited, Knit For Victory’s Raspberry Ripple Bed Socks, and one of my faves the mitered Peppermintoes (left) designed by Melody Johnson of Fibermania. Knitting Daily gives us a booklet of 7 sock patterns! Other cute footies include the nostalgic PomPom Slippers by Vanessa of Do You Mind If I Knit. And to make any of these last longer, consider using Jawoll sock reinforcing thread by Lang.

New Ways To Wear Knitted Cables

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

I know I’ve already blogged Regretsy recently, but when I saw their Skant Contest, I just had to point you to it. Skants are pants that are worn under skirts. Some people use the term to refer to pants that also look like skirts (think 1970s). But Regretsy decided that sweaters turned upside down and worn as pants are what skants really should be. They encouraged readers to send photos of these garments, and well, the results are hilarious. The contest winner is here. Go here, here, here and here for a good laugh. Zandland Blog reviews the whole thing. Is anyone else thinking Grey Gardens here? Or maybe that this is a perfect repurposing of some tragic FO you’ve got stashed somewhere?

Thanks to graphic designer Annessa Braymer for the head’s up on this one.

Stitches West & Myra

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

The San Francisco Bay Area is playing host to Stitches West convention tomorrow through Sunday. See new yarns, gear and even take a class in spinning, beading, felting or crochet—all sorts of needle arts are represented. Stitch Diva Studios will be exhibiting there and featuring one of their designers, LA’s own Myra Wood signing her new book, Crazy Lace (left) in their booth. You can get a preview at her website. She calls her book “a radical departure from  pre-designed patterns.” Knitgrrl (Shannon Okey) reviews Crazy Lace here. Wood’s freeform embroidery art is very interesting as well. Check out Myra’s earlier book here on CraftStylish. Very cool.