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The Crochet Dude's New Tool

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Yes. Drew Emborsky, the Crochet Dude, has an all new branded line of crochet tools and accessories for Boye. They are testing the products out in select Michaels, including one here in Los Angeles. I stumbled upon the news while reading Laurie Perry’s great blog, Crazy Aunt Purl. Apparently she and Emborsky are pals. Perry went on a re-con mission to check out his stuff, and blogs about it here (that’s one of her photos, above). Check out Emborsky’s blog, and his site, The Crochet Dude, which has some good patterns, but not his tools.

Ysolda's Red Yarn

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

I told you that the Los Angeles LYS owners have been extremely tempting lately. No, you don’t have to be an Angeleno to shop at them, they’ll do online sales— so you’ve all been warned! Here’s the latest: Unwind in Burbank is offering the charming knitwear designer Ysolda Teague’s new yarn for Lorna’s Laces. It’s a gorgeous semi-solid red, called, naturally, “Ysolda Red” and it is part of the Shepherd Sock line. Perfect for Ysolda’s Ishbel. Read all about creating this beautiful yarn on Ysolda’s blog (that’s her photo from the process, above). Buy Ysolda Red from Unwind online. Get her patterns there too. That’s trouble, huh? Told ya.

Learn Hyperbolic Crochet

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Attention math nerds and crochet lovers, if you live in Los Angeles you can take a Hyperbolic Crochet Workshop with David Orozco at The Little Knittery on Sunday, April 18th. Orozco is one of the contributing artists for The Hyperbolic Crochet Cactus Garden, as well as the former proprietor of Eagle Rock’s defunct That Yarn Store. See a gallery of hyperbolic crochet models at The Institute for Figuring’s site. Get a serious tutorial on the subject from two Cornell University math professors here. Watch Psuedosphere’s video on YouTube. Or just look at some beautiful examples at Quoin’s flickr. That’s their Large Tri-Color Hyperbolic Crochet piece (above) that could actually be worn as a hat. I hear that this kind of crochet is very relaxing and addictive.

Changes in Yarn Giveaway

Friday, February 5th, 2010

The Knit 1 Chicago closing giveaway has been suspended. Late last night someone anonymously sent designer Karen Clements Schmidt a very threatening note telling her that she was in violation of internet contest regulations. She’s looking into it, and will be in touch with everyone who has participated. This is a clear case of just not understanding the complexities of contest laws, and perhaps inadvertently engineered the wrong rules. I hope everyone understands that it was a  misunderstanding, and that Clements Schmidt will work to make it right. Look for her post online at Knit 1. Above, see photos of the LYS from Julie Crawford’s great blog  Knitted Bliss.

Win Free Yarn from Knit 1

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I posted about Karen Clements Schmidt’s amazing giveaway that marks the closing of her much loved LYS, Knit 1 Chicago. She’ll be relocating to Los Angeles, and devoting more time to her knit and crochet designs (yeah!). To go out with a bang, she is liquidating her store’s stock in a very cool way. Buy one of her patterns, and you’ll be entered to win one of 60 goodie bags filled with over $550 worth of premium products. (Read more here.) The news this week is that she’s added crochet, like the Magnum Capelet #4 (above), and a few more knit patterns, even some for baby. Buys patterns  on Ravelry (Kclem) or via her website.

The rules of this giveaway may be changing based on some new information. Please stay tuned for more details from Karen and check the Knit 1 website for updates.

Yarn Stores And Me

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Is it me, or are yarn stores kinda weird places to be? Maybe I’m too aware of the fact that they are small retail businesses, and not really little retreats for knitters. I know that there are people who have created genuinely warm friendships with certain LYS owners after being good frequent customers. I just get the feeling of fake cheeriness so often from many LYS owners. They’ll engage for a sentence or two with me, see I’m on the sale rack or only have one thing in my hand, and stop the patter (and usually the smile). This happens not just because they get busy with another customer. I go into this one store that greets me like a friend one time, then they stare blankly at me like I’m from another planet the next. Maybe I’m expecting too much from them? Maybe I really just need to drop $200 before I’m actually welcome? The photo (above) is of the beautiful, but sadly, discontinued soft Angora blend called Roma by Jaeger. Pretty palette, no?

Amazing Designer Giveaway

Monday, January 18th, 2010

karenclementsschmidt-magnumvestwrapDesigner Karen Clements Schmidt (kclem on Ravelry) is closing her lovely Chicago LYS, Knit 1. Instead of it being a sad occasion, and having the inevitable massive fire sale of her stock, Clements Schmidt has decided to have some fun as she transitions from one phase of her life to the next. By purchasing one of her amazing patterns, like the Magnum Reversible Vest/Wrap (above), you’ll be eligible to win a $500 package of high-end goodies from the Knit 1 inventory. There are over 60 packages, and names will be selected randomly during a party at Knit 1 on Valentine’s Day (2/14/10). Every time you buy one of these $10 patterns, you’re entered to win. Buy 5 patterns, get one free! Purchases can be made from the Knit 1 website or via Ravelry .

(Thanks to Trish Woodson for the scoop. Knit 1 has been been her special haven.)

Wool And The Gang

Friday, January 15th, 2010

woolandthegangAll the cool kids are talking about Wool And The Gang (WATG)— it’s the brand that is convincing fashionistas to make their own clothes. The brain child of a Swiss former model and mother of six kids, Lisa Sabrier, and New Zealand-born geographer, Carolyn Main, WATG was launched in September 2009. They now have retail outlets in Paris, London, NYC, Geneva, Lausanne, Hamburg, Tomorrowland (Japan), and happily, Los Angeles. Their products include kits, knits, and yarns. All carbon-light, green, super hip, and very enticing to new knitters!

Knitting and Turkey Day

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

matthewsknittingturkey-katbaroIt’s the day in the U.S. when we celebrate our country’s early heritage by eating too much. Perfect, no? This is a warm and family-oriented holiday for so many of us. Here’s wishing you a happy day. Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, it’s a good moment to stop and give thanks for all you’ve got. Maybe also give thanks for 2 ply cashmere, Addi Turbos, your favorite LYS, designers who chart their complex lace patterns, and the unsung heroes of our knitting bags: the little stitch markers.

No your eyes do not deceive you, that is Matthew’s Knitting Turkey (left) from katbaro’s Flickr!!

Knitting Tweed

Friday, September 25th, 2009

tahki-donegaltweedSorry to abandon you yesterday, duty called in a big way. I’m back, and I think I’ve gotten the memo from the yarn companies that tweed is the “it” yarn of Fall 2009. KnitPicks has been running ads for their City Tweed, which comes in a DK and Heavy Worsted weight. (By the way, their current catalog is filled with great gift ideas.) The Patternworks catalog was also full of tweedy options: Tahki Yarns’ Donegal Tweed, Berroco’s Blackstone Tweed(above), Reynolds’ Andean Tweed, Highlander from Alpaca With A Twist, and Patternworks’ own Rocky (sorry, can’t link to Patternworks!). Rowan’s Felted Tweed is pretty and Paton’s Chunky Tweed is cheap. Maybe you want to knit up something tweed-ish? Nancy  J. Thomas has a book, Tweed, devoted to rustic and lovely tweed patterns.