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Knitted Rugs

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

In the last few weeks I’ve seen a bunch of new knitted rug patterns. I wonder about the practicality of these things, especially in a household like mine with dogs, but they certainly are attractive. I do love the idea of making just the right size to fit a particular space in a room because standard doesn’t always cut it, right? There is the nutty Knit Grass Rug (left) from Lion Brand and the lacy Rag Doily Rug designed by Julie Weisenberger of CocoKnits. Plus, if you missed it on the weekend, check out this New York Times story on artist/fashion designer Dana Barnes, who makes fantastic super thick felted rugs from roving. Wonderful slide show. Wow. If you want more info on knitted rugmaking, go to BellaOnline and browse articles by Christine Dux. You’ll find both inspiration and technique tips.

The Crochet Dude's New Tool

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Yes. Drew Emborsky, the Crochet Dude, has an all new branded line of crochet tools and accessories for Boye. They are testing the products out in select Michaels, including one here in Los Angeles. I stumbled upon the news while reading Laurie Perry’s great blog, Crazy Aunt Purl. Apparently she and Emborsky are pals. Perry went on a re-con mission to check out his stuff, and blogs about it here (that’s one of her photos, above). Check out Emborsky’s blog, and his site, The Crochet Dude, which has some good patterns, but not his tools.

Reading Knitting Charts

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Here’s a great online resource: Smart Knitting-Crochet. Their tutorial on How To Read Knitting Charts is super helpful (that’s a detail from it, above). You’ll find many good tips and a variety of techniques explained very accessibly. There’s an interesting piece on how to make a knit or crochet skirt that fits. A lot of new crochet info has been added recently, check this listing for info.  Dina, who created the site, is clearly one of the generous people in the blogosphere.

Knitting On Airplanes

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Our delightful TSA’s own blog says that knitting being prohibited on airplanes is an Urban Legend. Their site clearly states that needles are permitted. Yet stories persist of Neanderthal TSA Agents stripping distraught knitters of their beloved Addi Turbos. Flying with needles brings anxiety. I’m off to Dallas on business tomorrow, then on to Miami to visit family until early next week. Of course I want to take my WIP, the Cropped Cardi, but am terrified of having to surrender my stuff. I’m wondering if I should just take my slightly abandoned sock WIP. I got #3 bamboo needles into LA’s storied Criminal Courthouse last Summer for Jury Duty without any issues, so I figure TSA won’t have a problem with those either. While I’m gone, I won’t be blogging. Until then, happy knitting, and feel free to search the archives for a little fix.

That’s the silly Compubody Sock (above) on Bekathwia’s flickr, found via Knittsings.

Knitting With New Stuff

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

I’m busy at work on Stefanie Japel’s Cropped Cardigan with Leaf Tie, which is a Knitty pattern from some years ago. That’s Ravelery member Lolipopette’s pale blue version (above). I’ve knit this designer’s patterns before, with varying degrees of success. They are great patterns. It’s just taken me a while to get the hang of knitting sweaters that actually fit. This is the first time I’ve knit with KnitPick’s Harmony Wood Circular Needles. I am liking how pointy they are. The joins really are smooth, and the purple cables are not twisty at all. However, the jury is out on the multi-colored wood. It’s strangely distracting to me. Plus this is the first time I’ve knit with Cascade Indulgence. It’s  soft, but as I knit, little tufts of angora fly away and get everywhere.

Knit Your Food (Again)

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Vegetarians, avert your eyes. KnitMeat has a whole collection of plastic wrapped knitted meat items. Twisted, yet strangely compelling to us carnivores. Why? Why? I do not know, honestly. I’m just your humble messenger. Buy it here on scasper5’s Etsy page for about $25.00 per meaty product. Want more knitted/crocheted food? How about this and this. And this, from Kate Jenkins, which of course is on a whole other level. Is it all headed to Regretsy? Only time will tell.

Thank you to the lovely and talented graphic designer, Amelia Stier, for the head’s up on this.

Knitters Help Haiti

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

flagofhaitiMany knitters have been moved to help ease the suffering resulting from last Tuesday’s devastating 7.0 earthquake in Haiti. The loss of life there is estimated to be up to 100,000, and scores of people have been left injured and homeless. You can donate directly to several organizations. Consider the Yarn Harlot’s charity, Knitters Without Borders. Casey & Jess started “Help For Haiti” on Ravelry last night, where designers can sell patterns with proceeds pledged to help Haitians. Vickie Howell is doing this via OpenSky. @KnittingNews reports a “Hugs for Haiti” Group on Rav as well as a Fandom Auction. So many good ways to help out if you are interested. Want to read more about the culture and people of Haiti? I recommend Amy Willentz, especially her fascinating book, “The Rainy Season: Haiti Since Duvalier.” Her piece in HuffPost from yesterday ends: “Bodies. Bodies. Bodies. Bodies…”

Robot Knitter

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

duracellbatteryad-ogilvyRobots knitting! Above is a detail from a Duracell Battery Ad created by Ogilvy that ran in South Africa. Does this mean some serious competition for that drum-beating  bunny, from that other battery company, that is always in perpetual motion? Those of us who knit know that feeling of coziness and calm that the constant repetition stitching brings. Numerous articles have proclaimed the health benefits of knitting. Maybe knitting makes robots happy too. Want to see a human knit so fast, you’ll swear they have robotic wrists? Watch the Yarn Harlot. More robots? Check out Jess Huchison’s gallery and Rebecca Danger’s Robbie the Robot.

Happy New Year

Friday, January 1st, 2010

vogueknittingstitchadaycalendarLet’s hope it’s a great year for all of us. It’s also a brand new decade. To start the new year off, I got a new calendar— the VogueKnitting Stitch-A-Day. Very pretty. Last year I had the Knitting Pattern-A-Day Calendar. Not so pretty. Truthfully, I  buy whatever is left at the bookstore for 50% off. Luckily, two years in a row I found a knitting-related calendar. I don’t know about your city, but here in Los Angeles, maybe by the end of the year, there may not be any bookstores left standing. I hope not. Anyways, best wishes for a very Happy New Year to you and yours.

Knitter's Review Looks at 2009

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

lornaslacesgreenlineworstedI enjoy Clara Parkes’ Knitter’s Review. I read her yarn reviews religiously, and never fail to take the little online polls. The writing is very good and the opinions are well informed. So it is a delight to read her New Year’s Eve post looking back on the year’s events in knitting. Especially insightful is an examination of the changes in publishing, due in no small part to the rising independence of knitwear designers and the huge impact of Ravelry direct sales of patterns.

The colorway for Lorna’s Laces Green Line Worsted, above, shown here because it’s pretty.